As a record label, Bobonne Records houses many of the principles adhered to by the recording studio. Here, we aspire to put out the kind of records that would have a difficult time getting their voice heard elsewhere. We therefore offer a platform for young artists to cooperate on the release of their own music, giving them insight in all of the steps of the production process (including insight in the mixing and mastering process, the cooperation with graphic artists, and the production of vinyl). However, we do not want to solely aim at a young and upcoming demographic of artists.

For Bobonne Records, cooperation is valued most and offers the greatest satisfaction. We choose to work together with a bunch of people we consider friends and family – people who have a shared sense of aesthetics and purpose, but who can each bring their distinct personality and perspective to the (mixing?) table. Again, this is a key aspect of the reason why we so value the input and expectations of the recording artists we welcome into our home.

To us, the commercial aspect of selling records is a means to be self-reliant enough to keep putting out the records we love. This means that, whereas the recording process is entirely analog, and we feel vinyl records best preserve the analog sense of warmth, event, and perpetuity, we also provide the possibility to digitalize your music, so it can be jived and listened to anywhere and anytime.